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We’ve offered a unique shopping experience with our locally sourced and handmade goodies. We do things a little differently at Busy Bees Workshop, so come visit to browse our great selection.


Trying to spread love, One Candle at a time. 

Busy Bees Workshop was established in 2020 with one mission: to bring a high-quality Self-Love Store to the San Francisco area. Our passion for excellence inspired us in the beginning and continues to drive us today. We pride ourselves on offering a superior shopping experience and in the long-term relationships we’ve built with our customers. 

Everything begins with self-love!

How can you truly love the world and the people around you without loving and embracing yourself first?

Let one of our amazing products help you find the magic and love that is inside yourself. 



We believe in the quality of all things hand made which is why our candles are individually hand-poured with the utmost attention to detail and care.

Each scent is meticulously crafted to smell natural and real. Here at Busy Bees, we’re steering away from the overpowering and artificial mass market candles that fill the shelves at the store and instead craft beautifully smelling high end, handmade candles.

So why Soy?

Soy wax is clean burning and eco friendly – no toxins, carcinogens, or pollutants like normal paraffin-based candles which means it is less likely to trigger allergies and health issues. Did you know that black soot like smoke most candles give off? Well, that’s petrol… Yes, most store-bought candles are made with petrol! Not only is that bad for the environment but also your health! Our candles are 100% natural… Made from the earth. Soy wax also burns up to twice as long as paraffin wax which means you get more for your money.